Body Piercing

Labret Piercing

The Labret piercing is placed just below the lip. It is usually pierced through the thinner tissulabret piercing.jpge just beneath the lip itself. A labret of 1.6mm gauge is normally used and the length often depends on the thickness of the tissue being pierced.

It heals in about 4-12 weeks and the presence of ‘friendly’ bacteria in the mouth rule out external infection. Plus, the use of labret helps the piercing heal better rather than a Ball Closure Ring. Though Damage can also come from jewelry constantly rubbing against the gum lining and wearing it away. This often happens if larger jewelry is left unchanged, after the initial swelling reduces.

Like all in all oral piercings, eating would be problematic for a few days. However, you can manage with soft food for a weeks if you want it to heal faster.

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