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  1. I cannot believe you are actually giving people directions on how to pierce themselves!

    I have an industrial, my nose, ears, and tongue, and all of my piercings were done by a licensed professional, with previously unused, sterile, equipment.

    It is necessary to ensure that you get the desired results!

  2. Jahs said on May 9, 2009

    Thanks this is what i thought you would do but i wasnt sure. I have done 4 self piercings and they have allturned out fine… I think I will get this one done professionally though…

  3. Hey Leah, you’ve never tried it, so don’t knock it.

    He warned not to do it, but it’s better that stupid kids like me know the importance of how much it hurts, that it bleeds, and that it will have a good chance of getting infected.

    I’ve had one pair of lobes done at Claire’s, another ear piercing on the lobe on the right (I’m GAY.), and I think I want an Industrial to celebrate the fact that I reported my grandfather for raping me. Self-Piercing is a way that women who were sexually abused reclaim their bodies.

    IF I can’t find a piercing shop in Small Town, Texas, THEN I will have a friend who has pierced A LOT of people to follow each step to the greatest extent.


  4. I have pierced my industrial my self and it has come out great

  5. I got my industrial pierced by a professional and it was the worst pain of my life. I couldn’t imagine doing it by myself without professional experience. Just letting everyone know that it hurts like a BITCH so take all the necessary precautions if you’re going to attempt it by yourselves.

    Goodluck though :)
    industrials kick ass!

  6. Ok I am 17 I have my ears triple pierced and my top cartilage on my left side done twice along with my nose. guess how many of those were done professionally? 2 out of 9! I had my first regular ear lobe pierced when I was 5. I did my second holes when I turned 14. third when I turned 15 along with one of the cartilage. And my other cartilage and nose when I was 16. I am about to do my own industrial and my own belly button. So don’t knock something before you try it! I have done all 7 piercings In my bathroom with rubbing alcohol. Needle. A lighter. None of my piercings have gotten infected. I also have an EXTREMELY high pain tolerance. So none of these hurt at all I wouldn’t recommend doing them on your Own if you have a low pain tolerance because of the fact that you’ll take your time and do it extremely slow which will make it hurt worse. Ice also does not help.

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  8. I do all my piercings myself && I do my friends bellys && many more . The industrial does not hurt && its simple lol . && guess what I’m only 16 ;D byee

  9. I pierced my tragus, cartilage and conch myself. They all hurt A LOT, but they are far cheaper than going to a studio. I also got my rook pierced at a studio and it rejected. They wanted another $30 dollars (same price as initial piercing) to redo it. That is when I started piercing my own ears. I use sterilized one-time-use needles from a farm supply store. They are hollow and sterilized for animals so it is far better than burning a needle and hoping that is sterile enough. The piercing process is slow and painful, but it is worth it. I am considering doing my industrial and would definitely do it myself. Ice does not work because it constricts the tissues, causing them to be more difficult to pierce and once the earring is removed, the hole shrinks so an earring is almost impossible and very painful to insert. My advice, place something behind your ear (such as a cork) and shove!

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