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Self Ear Piercing Tips

Seems like you are not much of a firm believer of a money squander, are you? If I had been in your place, I would not have thought two times prior to getting my ears pierced from a salon. Forget about money, all I need is ease and safety. Ear piercing is not that simple as you think. If a needle goes wrong, it results in long-lasting infection and takes several years to heal completely.

Am I terrifying you? I’m sorry if I did that. Anyways, if you are about piercing your own ear, here are some instructions for piercing your ear.Many people find it thrilling to self-pierce themselves. Though its scary and painful there are many who have sailed through it by taking the right precautions. A ear piercing may take 6 months to heal. Read on to know about a few tips on self-piercing your ears.

Materials Required

The following materials may be required to pierce your own ear.

  • Alcohol
  • Pin
  • Cotton
  • Gold/Silver Earring
  • Anti-bacterial Cream
  • Ice

How to Pierce Your Own Ear?

  • If you are buying piercing needles, do not buy them off of ebay because you are not aware from where they get or for what they have been used for. As they say they are brand new or sterilized, does not mean that they are so. It is best to buy them from an online store or from a reputed local shop.
  • Ensure that you wear gloves throughout the process. If you touch something apart from the equipments you are using for piercing, then change gloves. This reduces the transformation of germs to new piercing.
  • You must use anti-bacterial soap or rubbing alcohol to clean the ear before piercing it.
  • You might have not bothered about sterilization. You might have not boiled the needle or heated it on flames. The temperature must be just right for sterilizing the needle thoroughly. In order to make the things go on well, clean the needle with antibacterial solution or alcohol.
  • With one hand, hold the ear which you want to pierce, and with the index on top of needle, use the other hand to push the needle quickly through the ear. If you do it slowly, it causes pain and can also damage tissues.
  • Some people may bleed badly. Use a cotton ball or swab for soaking blood and to ease bleeding. As bleeding stops, insert the jewelry into the piercing.
  • You must insert the jewelry before removing the needle as piercings close in a matter of seconds to minutes. In order to reduce the chances of closing the piercing, keep the piercing jewelry at the end of needle so that you can slide the jewelry in as the needle exits the piercing.
  • As the jewelry is in, place the ball, back, etc on and ensure that the jewelry is loose enough for swelling of piercing.


A person planning to pierce his/her own ear should follow the below mentioned precautions in order to avoid further complications or infections.

  • Be very careful when you are putting on your clothes. The earring may get stuck in the cloth.
  • Be careful when you comb your hair.
  • Let the hairdresser know about your piercing, so that she is careful when she is combing through your hair.
  • Rinse the piercing area with saline solution regularly.
  • Clean the area every two hours.
  • Expect some swelling at the piercing area. If there is pus oozing out contact the doctor immediately.
  • Wash your hands before you touch the pierced area.
  • Keep these points in mind before you get a self-piercing done.
  • Sanitizing of the piercing instruments and after care will ensure you have a safe piercing.

10 responses to Self Ear Piercing Tips

  1. ME said on May 7, 2009

    I did a self pierce myself. My ear took about 3 to 4 months to heal. It is absolutely painful the next day; however, it didn’t hurt at all when i pushed the needle through (thanks to the ice). If you want to self pierce, be ready to have pain everyday for months.

  2. oh man, are you serious it hurt for months?
    i just did mine two days ago,
    it really hurts but i thought the pain might stop in a few days.
    also i have a headache, but that night be from something else.

  3. Did my own self piercing yesterday before reading this article. All i did was use a lit match to sterelize a safety pin and pushed that through my ear, without ice to numb it. it didnt hurt when i did it and it still doesnt hurt now. i suggest washing in salty water.

  4. is it really that painfull i pierced it myself but my parents got mad at me and told me to take it out so i did and i am pretty sure i cant go how ever long it takes to heal without them noticing so i will probably have to wait =/

  5. I just self-pierced my ear like 30 minutes ago. It hurts haha. I used a needle and burned it before I pushed it through and cleaned the area too before. I hope it doesn’t get infected. :/

  6. My friend pierced a third 3rd hole on each of my ears with a safety pin, and they did hurt for a couple of months afterwards. However, I wouldn’t say the pain was unbearable, more like a mild irritation. They got infected a couple of times which lengthened the time they took to heal. My advice to anyone looking to do a self piercing would be to keep your new piercing clean, and avoid touching it as much as you can.

    Still, I love my third hole and it was totally worth it :)

  7. If you actually think this is safe and you DO THIS SHIT, you are a fucking moron.

  8. Oh god, really? Telling people HOW to harm themselves. God these tips are awful. And self-piercing, in any terms, is awful. Go to a freaking professional, that’s what they are there for!

    1) Alcohol (DOES NOT sterilise and is WAY too harsh for fresh piercings)
    2) Pin (Seriously… wtf?!?! Hollow needles should be used)
    4) Gold/Silver Earring (Stupid stupid stupid, there are materials that are far more suited to pierce with)
    5) Anti-bacterial cream (creams are a no-no)
    6) Ice (You don’t want to numb anything when piercing)

  9. You guys are fucking morons. First rubbing Alcohol does not actually sterilize anything so good job on recommending people use something that will not kill most bacteria. Secondly home piercings makes you a fucking moron. I hope all of you get an infection and learn your gosh damn lesson. Lastly just because YOU got lucky and didn’t fuck yourself up by doing this doesn’t mean you should recommend ways for other people to put themselves in serious danger.

  10. Seriously…self piercing isn’t that difficult, and as long as you do it with the right equipment, you’ll be fine. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, but people like me that have had a few piercings done already, self-piercings are no biggie (I have my nose, two pairs of microdermals, belly, industrial, and conch.) I self-pierce with hollow needles frequently out of boredom. Honestly, your best bet is to talk to a local piercer about how best to do it and watch a couple youtube videos. Not all of us can afford the $100 it costs to get a pair of microdermals, etc, I get it. Piercings are expensive, just be smart.