Body Piercing

Body Piercing Side Effects

Body piercing is cool and happening but at the same time have a number of disadvantages and side effects. Before I discuss some of these side effects I just wanted to mention that I am not discouraging you from this new modern body art, but want to provide you with adequate information about piercing.

Side effects of piercing are


Nerve damage

: If the piercing is not done properly then there might be a chance of nerve damage near the pieced areas. Therefore you should do your piercing from an experienced professional. Some time piercing in unsafe area of the body can also lead to nerve damage. So its advisable to avoid such places.


: is getting any infection or virus through dirty needles. So be very cautious when you go for a piercing. Check if your piercer is using sterilized needles and equipments.

Allergies and Infections

: are some of the major side effects of piercing. If your skin is sensitive you may get allergies or any kind of irritation in your skin. If you don’t take proper aftercare of the pierced areas then you tend get infection. So take proper care and daily clean your pierced area.


: If a person can’t bear pain then it is advisable that she or he should not go for certain piercing like tongue piercing and nipple piercing. Many may think that if they are fine with their ear piercing then they will be fine with naval piecing too. I am sorry but you are extremely wrong with your thoughts. Naval piercing is much more painful than ear piercing. So think twice before you make your mind.


: is another side effect that you can notice after your piercing. They are a type of scarring, which has lot of scar tissue. If you experience one then straight away open your jewelry and keep you’re piercing area clean and hygiene.

Prohibition of donating blood for a year

: Last but not the least you won’t be able to donate blood for one year after you get pierced. This is a rule and strictly followed by medical professional and industry.

3 responses to Body Piercing Side Effects

  1. in my opinion every piercing has it’s side effect but all of them depends on the way we treat them and how we protect them against the external infections because it may be infected and finally be irritating but in fact every piercing is an external activicy that your body may not accept it or it may be easily infected though we all know about it’s dangers and side effects we attempt to do it anyway and i’m also the one that want to do a piercing once i want to do a belly button (naval) piercing.wish me luck 😉

  2. any possibility of your body absorbing heavy metals from 15 years of multiple piercings ?

  3. My friend just got a Monroe piercing and she said that she is experiencing some discomfort and that she has a painful bump on the inside of her upper lip. Will this eventually go away? She thinks it’s not normal.