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Straight Men with Belly Button Piercing

Belly Button Piercing:

The concept of Navel piercing is usually seen in women. They get it done to keep up with latest fashion. Navel Piercing can also cause many complications. It usually takes 2-4 years to heal. But as the times are changing, fashion is following it. Today, most of the ornaments worn by females are worn by men and vice versa. While the latter is common, the previous is not so common. Wearing ornaments of opposite sex is a work of people who want to strive for a difference.

Men and their Navel Rings:

Ear piercing in men dates back to Egypt 5000 years ago. The latest trend doing rounds is

navel piercing among straight men

. Though it hasn’t been executed yet, they are getting more and more curious about getting their navel pierced. Navel piercing is common among gays but it is not tested by large number of straight males. Few of them suddenly gain this interest but are too shy to relate it others. Others might tag them as gay or trans-gender. Hence they don’t discuss their feelings.

These feelings are mostly seen in teenagers. They never shy away from experimenting with things. At the same time, they like to set new trends in fashion, however weird (strange) they are. Like wearing anklets and nose rings are already common with men. If such are cases, sporting a navel ring by straight men would be a common trend in near future. Also, repetitive online searches about the same shows that people are only waiting for a push. Let’s see if men can bear the piercing complications and carry the trend forward.

2 responses to Straight Men with Belly Button Piercing

  1. d writer deserves n appreciation …not only for d wholesome information gathered but also for putting them in easy to understand format ….

  2. i see nothing wrong with a man having his belly button pierce becaus i would have it don if my girlfrend agree for me to do it