Body Piercing

What is a Nick Piercing?

A nick piercing is named after the piercer Nick Anzalone. This is a particularly complicated piercing which travels from inside the mouth, through the muscle, and exits under the orbit of the eye. An L-shaped bar which is customized for the customer’s anatomy is used for the piercing.

After the piercing, one can observe a bead just under the eye area. This bead may look similar to the scar, which makes this piercing sought after.

Placement of the Nick Piercing:

A nick piercing can be considered to be an anti vertical labret piercing. During the piercing, the highest point in the mouth is determined. Now the bar is inserted from this point. The bar then enters the muscle and exits right under the eye.

An L-shaped bar made of tygon is used. The bar should be customized according to each person’s anatomy. The bar used for this piercing is usually flexible.


Nick piercing can involve risks such as numbness of the area under the eye. If the nerve under the eye is damaged during the piercing, it can result in numbness below the eye and the upper cheek area.

The piercing should be kept from movement during the daily activities. Touching or playing with the piercing should be avoided.

As this is a rare piercing involving the facial muscles, extreme care should be undertaken. Any damage of the facial nerves can lead to paralysis of the corresponding area. Hence, this piercing should be undertaken only by a professional piercer, who understands the anatomy well.

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