Body Piercing

What is a Transverse Lobe Piercing?

A transverse lobe piercing is a piercing through the ear lobe, in a horizontal plane. It runs horizontally to the ear. This piercing requires a long barbell or a larger sized captive bead ring. The transverse piercing does not pierce the cartilage, but it only goes through the skin of the ear lobe.

How is Transverse Lobe Piercing Done?

This piercing is usually done freehand. Firstly the spots are marked for piercing. After this, a needle is inserted from the lateral edge of the lobe to the medial edge of the ear lobe. Now, the piercing jewelry is inserted and fixed into the ear. The jewelry used should be of small gauge.

While piercing, care should be taken to ensure that the jewelry goes from between the ear lobe. Improper location can make the piercing look like a surface piercing. This can lead to migration and rejection of the jewelry.


Straight barbell is the most common jewelry used. Circular barbell or a captive bead ring can also be used. The jewelry should not be too heavy as it can result in migration of the piercing.

After care of this piercing involves using sea salt soaks twice a day. Care should be taken while brushing the hair, placing the cell phone against the ear, and sleeping on one side. Healing can be around 2 months. Using head phones might be a problem even after healing.

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