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What is Microdermal Hip Piercing?

Microdermal hip piercings are done using a dermal punch and are positioned just above the pelvic bone. Hip piercings are contemporary and are considered bold and stylish. While you may get a surface hip piercing, it may be prone to rejection. Instead, a microdermal piercing would be safer and stable too.

The microdermal piercing of the hip involves using a tiny metal piece having a flat surface and a perpendicular post (an L-shaped metal). One side of the metal piece goes inside the hip surface, while the other side of the metal sticks out. A jewelry can be screwed onto the stud and fixed. The jewelry can also be changed.

How is Microdermal Hip Piercing Done?

This process involves only a single piercing point. The L-shaped metal is fixed to the hip. The piece of the metal which goes into the skin is known as the anchor

  • The hip area is cleaned. The marking is done on the hip. Most people choose to have 2 or 3 consecutive piercings on a single side of the hip. You can also choose piercings on both the sides of the hip. In that cases, symmetry of the piercing is important
  • A needle is inserted to create pockets in the skin. This will allow easy entry of the metal. Dermal punch can also be used to create pockets. Dermal punch cuts out circular portion of the skin
  • After this, the metal piece (also known as dermal anchor) is inserted into the skin
  • As one side of the metal is inserted, it is made to align parallel to the skin surface. The other side of the metal sticks out of the skin
  • A jewelry is screwed to the stud and fixed

The metal anchor which goes into the skin has holes. Over time, the skin closes up on the holes making it permanent.

Microdermal hip piercing is better when compared to surface piercing, as it has low chances of rejection. However, removing of the piercing can result in a scar. Since this piercing is complicated one, make sure you consult a professional piercer for this piercing.

2 responses to What is Microdermal Hip Piercing?

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just got my dermal’s done 2days ago. TOTALLY RECOMMEND!!!!!

    They may sound painful…but the pain is literally gone within seconds. Its worth it and they look absolutely AMAZING!!!

  2. so what happens if you get a hip dermal and it rejects? Do you have to get it surgically removed or does it like pop right off?

    I’ve heard two different things, and I was just curious because i had hip piercings before, but it was surface piercings, and they rejected. So curious if dermals would reject and it would have to get surgically removed, or would it pop right off?