Body Piercing

Unique Piercings Ideas

If you are planning of getting a nice body piercing done, but you don’t want something which is just an ordinary normal piercing, then this article is for you. Unique piercings are those mind boggling choices. However, some of these are quite difficult to fathom and painful, but if you are a hardcore piercer, you’ll definitely like them. Here are some great and unique piercing ideas that you may like to get it done for yourself.

Double Nape:

This is a type of neck piercing, which is done on the back of the neck. Here, instead of one ring with two gold globes at the end, there will be two holes piercing opposite each other like an “A” style line, where you’ll have four globes. This type of piercing looks best in short hair that highlights this style.

Vertical Industrial Piercing:

This is the most exquisite type of ear piercings. The good thing about this vertical industrial piercing is that it has various designs to it, so it can be used in many forms. However, the basic design goes like this. With a long straight stick passing through the upper cartilage of the ear and goes through the lower part of the ear. The lower and upper ends of the vertical stick can have designs ranging from conch to rook, helix to conch etc. This type of piercing usually takes 4-6 months to heal completely, and is quite painful as well.

Ear Cage Piercing

: This type of piercing is similar with industrial piercing. But here, instead of one vertical rod, you’ll have several vertical rods that are pierced at various sections of the ear, which look like a cage. This may be the most unique piercings for men.

Vertical Earl Piercing:

An earl piercing is usually done with a curved barbell that goes through the nose bridge, just between the eyes. It is definitely one of the most unique type of piercings. However, the risk of rejection and infection is very high. And the vertical earl piercing is the one which pierces the middle of the eyebrows and goes through the nose bridge.

Monroe Piercing:

This is a cute unique piercing, which is done just above the upper lip that can look like a mole. Monroe piercing is one of the most popular unique piercings for girls.

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