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What are the Different Types of Cartilage Earrings?

As the trend of body piercings has becomingly very popular today, many youngsters are looking for the unique or different kinds of cartilage piercing jewelries, which they can wear to flaunt their piercings. Cartilage jewelries are a unique way of self-expression. And, due to the rapid popularity of diverse ear piercings types, you can find various designs and size of jewelries of cartilage piercing. If you are in a group who are looking for the various styles of cartilage earrings, then this article is for you.

Cartilage Earrings During Piercing:

Although, there are various types of jewelries for cartilage piercing, it is crucial to choose the right type of jewelry during the piercing. The type of jewelry you wear, plays an important role during your healing period. The best type of jewelry material during cartilage piercing are sterile silver, surgical stainless steel and gold. The ideal cartilage earring during the healing period would be the captive rings. If you find captive rings uncomfortable, then you can opt for studs, but they should not be too tight.

Different Types of Cartilage Earrings:

Many different types of materials are available for cartilage earrings, such as surgical steel, white gold, yellow gold, titanium and sterling silver. You can also use any kind of earring, such as posts and hoops for cartilage piercing. However, earring specially made for cartilage piercing are normally more comfortable. Some of the common cartilage earrings are given below.

Captive beads:

They are also known as CBR or ball closure ring, which are a popular hoop design with a single bead or a ball in the middle of the ring.


Hoops are the small hoops in both patterned and plan styles, which are some of the various options.

Studs or Posts:

Studs or posts in any metal with gem stones may be perfect for cartilage piercings.


Cuffs are best for helix piercings, so that the earring cuff part can curve around the cartilage.

Circular barbells:

They are half hoop metal styles which goes through the ear, where the bead end stick out on either sides of the ear.


Here, the horizontal bar earrings will goes through the ear two times. Some of the common industrial styles include twisting bars, plain bars and bars with gem stones or beads.

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