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How to Take Care of Cheek Piercings?

Cheek piercing is another one famous type of facial piercing, which can be a great choice for who are looking for something a unique kind of piercing. However, since it is an oral piercing type, there is a high risk of infection. So, before you get the cheek piercing done, be sure that you have gathered enough information about it.

Cheek Piercings Aftercare:

  • Like any other type of body piercing, it can easily prone to infection and many other serious problems. So, it needs proper care during the healing period or after getting it done.
  • The healing period of cheek piercings may differ from person to person. However, it usually takes 8-12 weeks to heal completely.
  • Avoid cigarettes, taking spicy foods and drinking alcohols during your healing period. They can increase the irritation on the piercing area and results in many other serious problems.
  • You should clean the piercing area regularly by using saline solution, during your healing period.
  • Pour 6-7 ounces of water in one cup and add one tablespoon of sea salt and stir it properly. Then, with the help of a soaked cotton ball and clean the piercing at least two times daily. Or, you can use soaked saline solution Q-tip to clean the piercing area.
  • Apply some mild antibacterial soap on the piercing and gently rub all in and around of the piercing area and the jewelry. After that, rinse it off properly with clean water and dried it off with clean paper towel.

Cheek Piercing Jewelries:

  • The jewelry usually used for cheek piercings is a labret stud in 16-12 gauze. The jewelry that can be used during cheek piercing should be big enough to accommodate the swelling of the cheek and promote healing period.
  • Once the swelling is better or the piercing becomes normal, you need to change the initial jewelry into smaller and shorter jewelry.
  • If you continue wearing the longer and bigger jewlery, it can likely rub against your gums and teeth, which result in teeth and gums damaged.
  • Make sure that you screwed the jewelry tightly to avoid the jewelry slipping out.

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  1. is it okay to use mouth wash with alcohol in it when your cheeks are pierced?