Body Piercing

Healing Hip Piercing

Today, surface piercings are becoming the most popular types of body piercings, because of the various options available for surface piercings. Surface piercings can be done on any site of the body, where there is a flat plane skin. But, surface piercings needs to be taken care of more properly and it takes longer time to heal the wound completely.

So, if you are planning to get a new hip surface piercing done, make sure that you need to be very careful, since this piercing area is constant motion and high contact area. Moreover, there is a high chance of migration and rejection in hip surface piercing, therefore maintaining a proper aftercare instructions is a very important.

Hip Surface Piercing Aftercare Instructions:

Although, the migration and rejection rate is very high and the overall healing permanence and tendency of a hip surface piercing is extremely low, you can keep your hip surface piercing for a longer period of time, by following and maintaining proper care. You might have heard many different aftercare instructions from different piercer or from friends. However, they all follow this same basic aftercare instructions. Read on and learn the basic important aftercare tips for hip surface piercings.

  • Clean your new piercing with a sea salt mix or a saline solution for at least two times daily.
  • Avoid using antibacterial soap such as Dial, because it contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the piercing and increase the risk of infection. Saline solution is considered as the best and safest for surface piercings.
  • To make a sea salt mix or saline solution, you need to mix non-iodized sea salt with warm water. Make sure that you don’t used table salt or rock salt.
  • Avoid using too much of sea salt, 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in 8 ounces of luke warm water will be fine.
  • Pour the diluted sea salt or saline into a disposal cup and carefully invert it over the piercing. Continue to place the cup over the piercing, soaked for minimum 10 minutes.

For the first few weeks after the piercing, you need to clean the piercing with a saline solution for at least two times a day, then later reduce it to once per day. Continue cleaning the piercing until the wound has healed completely.

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