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Tragus Piercing Infection

Like any other piercing, tragus piercing can get infection and many other serious problems easily. So, if you are planning to get a tragus piercing done, make sure that you’ve gather all the important information about the tragus piercing. You should understand what are the causes, symptoms and how to prevent it. Be sure that you follow all the aftercare instructions carefully once you get your piercing done. Knowing all such information will help you prevent infection and many other dangers. Read on and learn more about the tragus piercing infection.


  • New Piercing: Improper care is one of the main reasons that can cause infection to your new piercing. It is very important to clean your new piercing for at least two times daily with a saline solution until the wound has healed completely.
  • Excess Cleaning: Touching the wound too often or over cleaning the piercing can also be the another reason that cause tragus piercing infection.
  • Jewelry: Improper jewelry or wearing the wrong type of jewelry is again the main cause of infection. So, it is extremely important to wear the right type of jewelry during the healing period. Always opt for, gold, titanium, platinum or stainless steel for your new tragus piercing jewelry.
  • Cheap Jewelry: Wearing cheap material jewelry, especially jewelries that contain nickel can increase the risk of tragus piercing infection.
  • Professional: Getting the piercing done by a non professional piercer with a poor hygienic environment can also increase the risk infection and many other problems as well.


  • You may experiencing pain and swelling after the first few days of piercing, but that is normal. It will soon become normal after two or three days.
  • But, if you are getting pain and continue swelling for more than a week, it may be a symptom of piercing infection.
  • Inflammation and redness along with pain and swelling is also a clear sign of infected tragus piercing.
  • Discharge of a thick yellowish-green fluid with a bad odor is another symptom of infected tragus piercing.

How to Prevent?

The piercing does not hurt because nerve endings are not present. People might experience a bit of pinching pain while piercing the tragus. Hence, levels of pain differ from one person to another. In some cases, you may observe fresh blood oozing from the new piercing for an hour. You must take all necessary precautions to prevent infections occurring at the piercing site.

  • Tragus piercing takes at least 8 weeks to heal completely. Hence, you must clean the piercing twice or thrice a day.
  • The biggest mistake people often did when they have infected tragus piercing, they try to remove the jewelry. But, this should be avoided, because removing or trying to take out the jewelry can worsen the situation by spreading the infection to the inner part of the body.
  • Make sure that you consult your doctor right after you have noticed any of the above symptom, and follow his/her instructions carefully.
  • Meanwhile, you need to continue soaking and cleaning the piercing with a saline solution. But, avoid using too much of salt. Don’t add sea salt more than what your professional piercer or doctor has instructed.
  • Ensure that you soak the area near the jewelry so that the solution enters the wound. You must rotate the jewelry gently to allow the solution to enter into the hole.
  • Crust which formed near the piercing must not be scraped with the fingers because it may cause injury or develop an infection at the piecing site.
  • Do not touch or mover the piercing jewelry very often. Germs and dirt on the fingers may transfer bacteria to the piercing area.
  • If you wish to change, clean or touch the jewelry, wash your hands thoroughly with an antibacterial soap.
  • Do not let anyone touch or kiss the piercing area until the piercing heals completely. You must reduce the vulnerability of the bacteria and infection.
  • You must change the covers of the pillows every alternate day as it also reduces the chances of getting an infection.
  • Try to wear more of button up shirts as the t-shirts and pullovers may snag the jewelry and hurt the piercing.
  • Do not wear earphones and be cautious while talking over phone.
  • You can also try using antibiotic or prescription cream on your infected piercing.

The body piercer informs you about the tragus piercing aftercare tips to prevent the infection. Hence, ensure that you understand all the above discussed instructions before getting the piercing done. Although it is difficult to place the jewelry at this place, it looks very pretty and unique. You may try this piercing if you are looking for some change in your appearance.

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