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How to Pierce Your Own Tongue

With the rise of body piercing and it becoming the mainstream of fashion, people today are not afraid of getting body piercings as much as they can. And, in spite of many warnings and recommendation to get the piercing done only by a professional piercer, many youngsters choose to pierce by themselves at home for various reasons. So, if you are also in that group and are ready to pierce your own tongue at home, here are a few important tips for you. However, don’t forget that you are piercing at your own risk.

  • Before you begin, make sure that you did enough research, gathered all the information and you are well educated about tongue piercing. Pay attention to each and every information including aftercare instructions, piercing placement and tongue jewelries.
  • Measure your tongue properly before you start piercing. Check your bottom tongue and find the right place that doesn’t hit the veins of the tongue. If you are not sure, you should consult a doctor or professional piercer before you begin. Because, improper piercing can hit the veins of your tongue and cause serious problems.
  • Ensure that you have all the necessary piercing equipments and they are sealed in sterile package. Make sure that all these equipments are 100% sterile.
  • Before you start the procedure, ensure that you cleanse your hand and mouth with antibacterial antiseptic(alcohol free one). You may use a little dilute alcohol-based solution, if you don’t find alcohol-free antibacterial solution. However, it’s always recommended to use only alcohol free solution only.
  • Mark the desired place of your tongue with a body ink marker before you start piercing. Remember that, you should place the piercing at the very center of your tongue, that is between the tip of the tongue and the base where your tongue connects to your mouth. Check your bottom tongue again and make sure that the veins would not be harmed.
  • Open the barbell and needle and keep them close to you for easy access. Make sure they don’t move around or roll on the table or ground to keep them sterile. Also, don’t keep touching them before you insert them.
  • Stick out your tongue and clamp it when you are going to pierce your tongue. When you clamp your tongue and hold it, let the mark area be on the top center of the clamp. This will ensure right angle and position of the piercing. Check your bottom tongue once more to ensure no harms to any veins.
  • Then, lift your bottom tongue with the needle in your hand and pierce upward to ensure that you don’t hit any vein. Push the needle and pass through the marked area. You can also begin piercing from the top of the tongue, but you have higher chance of hitting the veins.
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  • The barbell should be inserted into the needle’s end and pushed through in a quick motion. This will leave the barbell in the hole and remove the needle. Then, secure the barbell ends tightly to prevent from slipping out.
  • Remove the clamp. That’s it, you have pierced you tongue.

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  1. I Understand That You Have A Higher Chance At Hitting A Vein If You Start From The Top But Wouldn’t It Be Easier To Start At The Top, Because I Think If I Start From The Bottom I Might Not Go Straight Up.