Body Piercing

Industrial Piercing Healing Stages

Like any other type of piercing, you need to go through various stages during the healing period. However, the healing stages of the industrial piercing may be different from person to person, according to how the piercing has done and how they take care of the piercing. Read on and learn more about the healing stages of the industrial piercing.

  • Industrial piercing is usually done with a 14g hollow body piercing needle. Avoid using a shot gun to get your piercing done, for it can cause ear cartilage tissue scarring and increase the risk of infections.
  • Industrial piercing can be quite painful since it involves two piercings. However, If you get your piercing done by a professional piercer, it’s more likely less pain. It can be more painful during the second piercing than the first one. For the initial first week after the piercing, you may experience pain and swelling and it will subsides after one week.
  • Industrial piercing usually takes 6-12 months to heal the wound completely, differ from person to person. However, the initial fourteen days after piercing are the most crucial time. You should avoid touching the piercing area other than cleaning, during this crucial period. Don’t forget to clean your hands properly with antibacterial soap before your clean your piercing area.
  • You may experiences soreness at the piercing area for the initial few weeks after the piercing. It may last a month for some people, while for some it may stay only for a week. You may also find irritation at the pierced area, but maintain proper cleaning can minimize the irritation and soreness.
  • Sometimes the piercing can become worse instead of healing. There can be many reasons for this, that include improper care, sleeping on it accidentally, touching the piercing area too often or wiggling the jewelry frequently. In certain cases, it can happen in spite of following proper aftercare instructions, in that case its better to consult your doctor professional piercer immediately.

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