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How to Clean a Tongue Ring

If you got your tongue piercing done, cleaning the piercing, brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth may not be enough for preventing the infections and many other dangers. You also need to keep the barbell or the jewelry neat and clean always. So, how about learning a few tips on how to clean your tongue ring or jewelry.

  • Whenever you change your jewelry, make sure that you clean the jewelry properly before inserting it into the piercing. To clean your tongue ring or jewelry, first you need to take out both ends of your tongue ring.
  • Take a small sauce pan and boil the water over high heat. Then, keep the barbell in boiling water for at least three minutes. This will help remove the dirt and kill germs that stuck on the jewelry or tongue ring.
  • While you are keeping the jewelry or barbell in the boiling water, you can clean your mouth with alcohol free mouthwash to disinfect your mouth properly.
  • Remove the jewelry or barbell from the boiling water. Then, allow the barbell to cool.
  • Once the jewelry is cool enough to handle, insert it into the piercing. Ensure that you tighten the barbell ends tightly to avoid slipping out and jewelry ingestion.
  • Occasionally, try cleaning your jewelry by soaking it in hydrogen peroxide or alcohol for several minutes. The peroxide foaming or bubbling reactions shows that hydrogen peroxide is killing bacteria.
  • Make sure that you clean your hands with antibacterial soap before handling the tongue ring or barbell.
  • Keeping the piercing and tongue ring clean help you prevent “gunk” buildup.
  • Be gentle and do slowly when removing your barbell or tongue ring from your tongue. If you are not sure of removing or find difficulty in removing the barbell, visit to your professional piercer for assistance.
  • You need to be very careful when removing the barbell or jewelry from the boiling water as well. You may like to drain the hot water by using a thin meshed strainer and a pair of tongs to remove the jewelry.
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