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Ear Piercing Retainers: Types of Ear Piercing Retainers

The most common choice of body piercing is the ear piercing, and concealing it can be a great deal if you have to go for an interview that doesn’t allow any kind of body piercing. Many schools and colleges may allow piercings even in the ear cartilage. However, some schools or colleges don’t allow anything more than ear-lobe piercings.

Moreover, if you are searching for job in some big corporate companies, most companies don’t allow any kind of body modification. For women, one ear lobe piercing is acceptable and not more than that. But, the good news is that, now you can find plenty of ear piercing retainers. When you use the right piercing retainer, it can conceal your ear piercing easily.

Ear Cartilage Piercing Retainers:

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For hiding a conch piercing, tragus and helix piercing, go for a BioFlex labret stud. BioFlex labret studs are extremely flexible and are comfortable to use. These retainers are mainly designed to conceal the piercing, which are invisible against the skin. To make it more natural and more successful in hiding your cartilage piercing, choose the right size of the retainer according to your piercing. However, the good thing about this retainer is that it they can be trimmed, if needed.

Types of Ear Cartilage Piercing Retainers:

There are mainly two different types of ear cartilage piercing retainers, viz: a push-fit head and an O-ring retainer types. Many people prefer to use the push-fit head one, because it fits better in your ear and blend in with your skin color. Ear cartilage piercings also come in different colors like black, brown and pale skin tone head.

Ear Piercing Stretched Retainers:

A silicon stretched retainer for ear stretched piercing can hide it easily, which many people think that it’s not possible. This type of retainers are usually found in a plug designed with silicone flesh-colored to blend in with the color of your skin and make difficult to make out the stretched piercing. They are best suited for piercings which are under 12mm in size. However, this type of retainers are available only in one color, but for hiding your stretched piercing, we don’t really need different colors. Do we???

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