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Medusa Piercing Care

Today, most of the stylish and fashionable people are seen sporting Medusa piercing. Medusa piercing is placed on the center of the upper lip, which is the dip area just beneath the nose. The commonly used jewelry for this type of piercing is a labret. This type of piercing is a great way of making a style statement and it will help you stand out from the crowd.

However, if you are planning to have a Medusa piercing, make sure that you have enough information about the entire procedure of Medusa piercing, including aftercare instructions. So, here are a few tips on how you can take care of Medusa piercing and prevent infections and other dangers.

Medusa Piercing Aftercare:

When compared to other body piercings, oral piercings heal faster, because of the good bacteria presence in the mouth. Moreover, there is better blood supply in the mouth and it helps to heal wound faster. However, oral piercings can lead you to many serious problems, if not taken care of properly, especially during the healing period. Medusa piercing usually takes 4-12 weeks to heal the piercing completely.

Keep your Piercing Clean Always:

Clean the pierced area and your mouth regularly with saline solution twice a day. Make sure that you rinse your mouth with antiseptic, alcoholic free mouthwash or with saline after eating. This will help you reduce the risks of infections and heal faster. Use only a clean, soft-bristled good quality toothbrush to brush your teeth.

Avoid Smoking, Alcohols and Drugs During the Healing Period:

For the initial 3-4 hours after the piercing, avoid smoking, drinking and eating. It’s better if you refrain from smoking, drugs, chewing tobacco and drinking alcohols, until the piercing has healed completely. Because, they can interfere in the natural healing ability and extend the healing time.

Avoid Touching the Piercing Frequently:

Avoid wiggling and touching the jewelry and your new piercing too often, especially with unwashed hands. Always wash your hands with antibacterial liquid soap before touching or cleaning the piercing.

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