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How to Repair a Stretched Earlobe

Your earlobe piercings can be stretched unintentionally or intentionally. Some people find their earlobes stretched after wearing heavy and large earrings for years. While, some people stretch their earlobes piercing by using large gauge jewelries, creating large holes in the earlobes.

Whatever the reason may be, the good news is that you can repair your stretched earlobes. However, extreme stretched earlobes may require medical intervention to repair the stretched earlobes. So, if you are planning to correct or repair your stretched earlobes, here are a few tips for you. This article also explains about the various types of stretchers.

Tips For Correcting Stretched Ear Lobe

The following tips will help in effectively repairing stretched ear lobe piercing.

  • Avoid: The first and foremost tips to repair your stretched earlobe is to stop wearing heavy or big earrings. If your stretched earlobe is fairly fresh, it will automatically repair by itself, once you remove the earrings and give a break to your earlobes for a few months.
  • Surgery: If you are wearing stretching earrings or large-gauge, remove them and leave like that. Earlobes with small gauge earrings, usually smaller than 2 gauge or maximum 2-gauge, they will normally shrink on their own. You may need to undergo surgery to correct your stretched earlobes if they are larger than 2-gauge.
  • Nights: Remove your earrings before you go to sleep. Earrings can catch or get tangle on your shirt or below cover and pull slightly, when you wear earrings and sleep. It may not hurt you, but the movement can stretch your earlobes.
  • Surgeon: If you have large-gauge earlobes, consult a surgeon to repair your stretched earlobes. Such procedures are refer as stretched, torn or split ear repair surgery by most plastic surgeons. Stretched ear-repair surgery is a short procedure, it usually takes not more than 15 minutes. The surgeon will apply anesthetic to your earlobes before starting the procedure to make your earlobes numb.
  • Procedure: Then, the doctor will cut the earlobes and stitch it back together. In this case, your earlobe piercings need to remove completely and you need to get it done later when the surgery has healed completely.
  • Aftercare: You need to take care of your earlobes properly after the surgery. To avoid infections, clean your earlobes with soap and water thrice daily. Your doctor may also recommend you to use antibiotic ointment to prevent infection.
  • Piercing: After ear-repair surgery, if you would like to pierce your earlobes again, consult your doctor before you get it done. Avoid wearing heavy, large earrings that dangle. It’s best to use only lightweight earrings or studs to avoid split or torn earlobes.

About Ear Stretchers

Ear stretchers are the jewelries which are used for stretching your ear piercing and enlarging the holes to wear large gauge sizes. You can find these ear stretchers in a wide range of different designs and sizes ranging from 1-6 mm – 30 mm. You can use this ear stretchers as jewelry or they can be used as a guide before wearing large gauge jewelry like flesh tunnel or a flesh plug.

Different Types of Ear Stretchers

Today, you can find ear stretchers in various shapes, colors and styles, from which you can choose according to your requirements and tastes. Ear stretchers also come in different jewelry materials like plastic ear stretcher spirals and claws, surgical steel ear stretchers, PMMA acrylic ear stretchers, UV ultra violet ear stretchers, wooden ear stretchers and many more.

  • Natural Ear Stretchers: Organic and natural ear stretchers are beautifully designed and crafted by nature which cannot be replaced by any other artificial material. With wonderful hues, grains and markings, you can choose from the different designs which are made naturally polished and smoothed buffalo ear stretchers and wooden ear stretchers including twists, crescents, spirals and claws.
  • PMMA Ear Stretchers: PMMA acrylic ear stretchers comes in huge range of colors and wild patterns. They look really funky and certainly brightened up your look. Well, so wearing PMMA ear stretchers and stretching your ear piercing can be a snazzy process and fun from the beginning till you finish. If you want to have classic and slick look, you can go for stripe ear stretchers, rainbow ear stretchers, checker ear stretchers, neon ear stretchers and plain white ear stretchers or black ear stretchers.
  • Steel Ear Stretchers: These surgical steel ear stretchers are the most common choice of ear stretchers for many people. Surgical steel ear stretchers come in a wide range of stretcher crescents and spirals and ear stretcher kits as well, to start off your ear stretching process.

You can also read on know more about when the stretched piercing will get back to its normal size.

When Does Stretched Piercing Come Back to Normal Size

Stretching the already pierced lobe is a fashion these days but will the lobe go back to its original size after its being stretched? This is a question that is been frequently asked by many who get their ear lobes pierced. Sometimes, people stretch their ear lobes by wearing heavy earrings, hoping that the ear lobe may stretch. Also, some who usually wear heavy ear jewelry find their pierced -hole stretching.

But, what if one wants the stretching to stop and the pierced hole to go back to its original size. In what cases does the stretching go back to its original size? Your ear lobe piercing, which has been stretched, may go back to its original shape in the following cases.

  • If the pierced hole has been stretched slowly and gradually, without any incidences of wear and tear.
  • If the stretching that has occurred is very small, then there are chances of the stretching to go back to its original size. If the stretching is very large, then the chances are very less.
  • If the stretching has occurred just recently then there are positive chances of it going back to its original size.

The above-mentioned points are not an ultimatum as skin elasticity varies from individual to individual. Stretching sometimes is permanent and may not return to the original size. Therefore one has to be careful and should go in for it only when they are serious about it.

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