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How to Sterilize a Tongue Ring

Though we know that it is very important to sterilize a tongue jewelry, many people fail to realize the importance of sterilizing and cleaning a tongue jewelry frequently. Being negligent and careless in sterilizing and cleaning a tongue ring can lead to infection and bad breath. There is also a high chance of causing pain in your tongue and even your entire mouth when a tongue ring is kept dirty or unclean.

Sterilize Even a New Tongue Ring:

Though, tongue rings are available at most of the mall stores at a lower price or different rate, it is better to purchase your tongue rings only from a specialized piercing or tattoo saloon. When you purchase a new tongue jewelry, ensure that you follow the complete sterilizing process properly before use.

Tips to Sterilize a Tongue Ring

  • To clean or sterilize a tongue ring, you may like to use rubbing alcohol or boiling water, depending on the jewelry materials. Some jewelry may work better in alcohol, while some may work better in boiling water. For metal tongue rings, you may like to soak it in rubbing alcohol for at least ten minutes. And, for plastic tongue rings, you may like to use boiling water not to distort the ring shape.
  • Rinse your tongue ring properly and let it dry, especially those metal tongue rings need to rinse thoroughly with sterile water. Then, set the jewelry out on a clean gauge pad to dry. You can find these sterile pads at any pharmacy, grocery or drug store.
  • You should clean a tongue ring after every 6-8 weeks. Wearing a tongue ring for several weeks without cleaning can lead to infection and cause difficulty in removing the ring.
  • You should remove and clean a tongue ring every 2 months after the piercing has healed properly. This will help you prevent pain and infection in your tongue.
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  • When brushing your teeth, ensure that you include cleaning your tongue ring as well. Carefully rub the toothbrush over the tongue ring and tongue to make sure that no dirt and food particles are trapped in your tongue ring.

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