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How to Remove a Nose Screw

A jewelry used for a nose piercing is called a nose screw. It is named after the shape of a corkscrew shape. If you have this nose screw and planning to change or remove the jewelry, you may need to learn how to remove it, because a nose screw is a bit different from other normal nose rings or studs. This nose screw can be removed by manipulating and twisting the metal wire. Read on and learn how to take out your nose screw without getting yourself hurt.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial liquid soap and clean water before attempting to take out or change your nose screws. If you take out the jewelry without cleaning your hands, you can transfer harmful bacteria to your nose piercing from your hands and can increase the risk of infection.
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  • Apply a little amount of lubricant in and out of your nostril and on the jewelry. Experts or professional piercers mostly recommend KY jelly, for it can wash off easily. This will help the nose screw to slide out easily, avoiding it to get caught inside your nostril.
  • Take a sterile cotton ball and push it into your nostril. Find the edge of the jewelry and push the screw lightly with the cotton ball. This will help the screw start moving out of your nostril. If your finger is small enough to push into your nostril, you can also push it out with your finger alternatively.
  • If the screw start sliding to one side, it signifies that your nose screw is moving out. Since, the nose screw has an angled side or slanted, it won’t come out straight.
  • Turn and twist the screw with a cotton swab to push it out your nostril. While doing, if the screw get caught inside your nose, tilt the cotton swab and help slanted it out of your nose. Then, in one fluid motion you can pull it out the rest of the nose screw.

However, remember that you should not even try to take out or change your nose ring until and unless your piercing has healed completely. Nose piercing usually takes 6-8 weeks to heal the wound properly. Trying to remove or changing the jewelry before the piercing has healed completely can lead to infection and prolong the healing time.

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