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Belly Button Piercing Infection

Youngsters sport different kinds and varieties of jewelry to flaunt their belly button piercing. Belly button is usually considered as the most sensuous part of the body and when this sported along with a sparkling eye catching jewelry will make it look even more sensuous. It also very important to take good and proper care of the piercing as it can lead to several infections. A person suffering from belly button piercing infections should make it a point to disinfect the pierced area after shower, swimming and exercise everyday. Make sure that the area remains clean and dry. Remove the jewelry gently and avoid doing this more number of times as it can rupture the pierced site.

Signs of Infections

The infection caused due to this piercing can be noticed very easily and this usually happens due to fungi and bacteria. This can also be caused due to polluted water, following inappropriate methods or when the piercer pierces with dirty hands. The following are a few signs of infections caused due to belly button piercing.

  • The very first symptom of this condition is pain. The procedure may cause severe pain due to the presence of thick layer of skin in that area. A person with this piercing may experience severe pain after the procedure during the healing period.
  • Many people experience swelling along with pain during the initial stages.
  • Redness in and around the area can be considered as another symptom of infections and this can cause severe pain when touched.
  • Cellulitis

    is a stage where the pierced site may discharge fluids and pus. The site can also can also discharge yellowish-green fluids and it may also cause bleeding in worse conditions.

  • Abscess can also be formed if not treated in time leading to severe complications like abdomen infections and food poisoning.


A person suffering from a belly button piercing infection should not neglect the infection symptoms. The following are a few treatment tips that will help you to overcome this condition.

  • Alcohol acts as a disinfectant and also helps in cleaning the infected area.
  • Remove the belly ring gently in order to clean the area. Avoid removing of the ring if you observe discharge of pus from the site.
  • Take oral antibiotics if there is excess of pus discharge or formation of abscess.
  • Use an antiseptic cream on the infected area as it also promotes quick healing.
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  • Usage of hot compress will help in improving the blood circulation in that area and it also relieves from pain reducing swelling as well.
  • Usage of hot compress dipped in salt water will help in disinfecting the pierced site.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide to drain the pus completely from the belly button.
  • Consult a doctor immediately if the signs remain for a longer period of time.

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