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Nipple Piercing Aftercare

Though a nipple piercing is thought of as an erotic, aesthetic or artistic form of expression, it is a wound. It can be infected easily if proper maintenance and care is not taken. It takes about 3 – 6 months to heal completely for most men, while it takes 6 – 12 months for most of the women. This is a major piercing and is technically considered as a deep tissue wound. As it heals, the time needed for caring and maintaining nipple piercing drops dramatically.

Nipple Piercing Aftercare

Nipple Piercing Aftercare Tips:

Following are tips to be followed for nipple piercing care.

  • Use antibacterial soap to wash your hands thoroughly. This eliminates bacteria which can cause potentially dangerous infections. It is good to scrub your hands for about 30 seconds with the antibacterial soap.
  • Clean the crust which might have formed around the piercing. The natural reaction of the body is to insulate itself from the foreign objects. Use a cotton swab or a tissue to gently wipe any crust formed on the piercing.
  • Create lather with the soap and clean the piercing and nipple. To obtain best results, rotate the ring gently to let the soap clean the pierced area. Based on the ring type, you can remove the ring and re-tighten the piercing such that soap cleans it well.
  • Remove the jewelry. It can be very painful for the first time. Take an ibuprofen beforehand if your nipples are very sensitive. After removing the nipple jewelry, thoroughly scrub the piercing and disinfect the ring before inserting it into the nipple.
  • This process must be repeated twice a day till the piercing heals completely. It is must that you be diligent regarding cleaning piercing till the skin heals fully in order to avoid infection.

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