Body Piercing

Forward Helix Piercing

Body piercing activity is as old as a civilization. It was in civilizations for the purpose of religion. In subcontinent like India, ear lobe of the infants are pierced. This is done by using a thin gold wire. This piercing is done by the goldsmiths themselves using a thin gold wire. In the civilizations of South America, Egypt and China piercing has been done from ages. In many parts of African, body piercing is also done. However, nowadays body piercing is done for fashion instead of religious purposes.

A piercing done on upper cartilage of the ear is known as forward helix piercing. This is done to wear jewelry in the upper part of ear. A ring or a stud is used as a jewelry in the helix.

Forward Helix Piercing
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Care for Forward Helix Piercing:

Following are some simple tips to clean the forward helix piercing:

  • However, forward helix piercing must be cared else it may develop an infection. It is must to clean the piercing twice a day.
  • The best time to clean the piercing is after a hot shower. The steam and high temperature softens the skin and crust (if any) at the jewelry base.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning the piercing. Use medicated soaps to clean the piercing, but make sure that you avoid soaps containing fragrances because they cause irritation. It may also cause allergic reactions.
  • First you must remove the crust which is formed around the jewelry using a cotton ball or a tissue.
  • Make lather to clean the piercing and the jewelry.
  • You must not touch the piercing with your fingernail or others.
  • Move the jewelry around the piercing hole to kill bacteria if remained in the piercing hole.
  • Rinse off the piercing using medicated soap.
  • After cleaning the piercing, use sea salt water to clean the piercing.

The above tips for forward helix piercing may help you to accelerate the healing process and also protects the piercing from infection.

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