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Clitoral Piercing Aftercare

Clitoral piercing is one of the most famous female genital piercing. Placement of the piercing and sizing of jewelry are the most important things for a successful clit piercing. Usually clit piercing is placed through the loose skin which covers clitoris. Correct placement of jewelry is essential for the vertical and horizontal hood piercing. You must use high quality jewelry to avoid infections and rejection. Healing time for clit piercing is about 2 – 4 weeks. Certain aftercare instructions are needed to accelerate the healing process. The following lines give information on

clitoris piercing aftercare


Clitoris Piercing Aftercare:

Following are some tips for clitoris piercing aftercare:

  • Never and ever touch the piecing with the dirty hands. You must clean your hands immediately after cleaning your piercing or before touching.
  • It is best to clean the piercing during shower time. Allow clean water to run over the piercing and saturate it before you start to wash it. It helps to soften and to eliminate any crust around the piercing. Use a cotton ball to remove the crush prior to washing the clit piercing.
  • Try to take showers rather than baths for the initial 1 – 2 weeks. Harsh soaps or bacteria may get introduced into your genital piercing if you sit in the bath tub. It may cause irritation and infection.
  • You may not need a soap to clean the piercing as it may kill the healthy bacteria that live in genital area. A saline solution or simple sea salt is enough to wash the piercing. You must practice twice a day. If you think you need to clean more thoroughly, then use a mild antimicrobial soap by applying a drop of soap to the jewelry and piercing. Rinse it thoroughly with clean water.
  • Pat dry the clitoris piercing with a dry, clean paper towel. Never use a towel or a washcloth as they are the breeding grounds for bacteria.
  • Clean the clitoris piercing thoroughly once a day in the healing period. This is just an initial healing period. It takes many weeks to heal completely.
  • Never apply any astringents, ointments or creams on the piercing.
  • Never let any bodily fluid to come in contact with the clitoris piercing during the first few weeks. This may include saliva and semen as well. You aren’t restricted from the sexual activity, but a dental guard or a condom should be used for sexual contact. This also includes use of sex toys and/or the masturbation.
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  • Make sure that the hands, clothing and bedding that come in contact with the clitoris piercing must be clean. If you are experiencing severe discomfort or itching, you may suffering from laundry detergent reaction. Do not use any detergents that contain bleaching agents and stain-removing agents.

The above discussed

clitoris piercing aftercare

instructions may help you to get rid of infections and infections. You must take utmost care as it the most sensitive organ in your body and also you can reverse it.

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  1. I got a VCH piercing almost a week ago.. My piercer told me to clean it with Bactine twice a day, which I have been.. But it is still very sore and a whitish discharge is coming out of my top hole.. I was just wondering if this is normal and if I should clean it in another way?

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