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Industrial Piercing Infection

The most usual industrial piercing is done in ear cartilage, where two holes which are made in the upper ear part are connected by a single piercing jewelry. People who have undergone this procedure, it is imperative to follow certain aftercare tips suggested by the piercer. Failure to do so may increase the chances of

industrial piercing infection

and subsequently results in prolonged healing process.

Industrial Piercing Infection

Industrial Piercing Infection – Aftercare:

You might have been adorning industrial piercing jewelry since many days and finally, you got it done. Imagine, you tried your best to avoid infection after getting the piercing done. Unfortunately, you noticed some symptoms of infection. Hence, you want to combat infection and speed up the healing process by following certain aftercare tips. Below lines discuss about the

industrial piercing infection

aftercare tips.


Like other body piercings, proper cleaning of the industrial piercing is needed. The best alternative to clean the piercing can be the salt water solution. Prepare a salt water solution by dissolving ½ tablespoon of sea salt in a cup of lukewarm water. Take a cotton ball and dip it in saline solution. Dab it over the infected areas. Wet the dried discharge that accumulated around the piercing jewelry. This must be repeated twice or thrice a day to obtain effective results. Salt water solution is the best natural disinfectant which aids in killing microbes.

Do not touch piercing:

You may tend to touch or rotate the jewelry, particularly when it is a new piercing. Do not touch the piercing jewelry frequently for a few weeks. If you’re touching the piercing with unwashed hands, it may increase the chances of infection. Cover the piercing areas with a clean plastic wrap for preventing contamination, particularly while shampooing or taking bath.


Though, it is difficult to deal with infection and aftercare, consider the fact that there are 2 piercings and only one jewelry is used for connecting them. Precisely, the infection in one piercing area may spread easily to other piercing site. Don’t change the piercing jewelry before it heals fully. Avoid disinfectant soaps or peroxide for cleaning the piercing, until it is suggested by the piercer.


If you experience smelly discharge from the pierced sites, get it checked by the doctor or the piercer. It is also imperative to take doctor’s help, if you are experiencing fever or other symptoms. Antibiotics and antibacterial ointments may be prescribed by the piercer depending upon the condition.

The healing period for industrial piercing is about 3 months and this is the major concern for most people. Industrial piercing infection may slow down the healing process and thus it is best to follow aftercare tips to prevent infection.

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