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Anti Eyebrow Piercing Information

Although body piercings have been a part of several countries since many centuries. However, eyebrow piercings something which are completely new. Although this piercing type is considered to be pretty contemporary, this is becoming popular among the youngsters gradually. Among various eyebrow piercings, anti eyebrow piercing is believed to be the latest. This type of piercing is done just below the lower orbit of eye and exactly above on the upper bone of the cheek. Like all other types of eyebrow piercings, anti eyebrow piercing is also a surface piercing, that is a piercing done just below the skin and which even does not touch any bones or muscles of the face. This article furnishes

anti eyebrow piercing information

for youngsters.

Anti Eyebrow Piercing Information

Anti eyebrow piercing is also referred to as teardrop piercing and tears as well. This piercing has become quiet popular among teenagers because it enhances the face of a person greatly, particularly eyes. However, prior to getting this piercing done, it is essential to collect the information about the anti eyebrow piercing.

Procedure for Anti Eyebrow Piercing:

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The most essential factor when it comes to any type of body piercing is an experienced and a good body piercer. This is must in the case of anti eyebrow piercing as an inexperienced body piercer may not pierce properly that can trigger some problems. Hence, before option a piercer, do proper research and choose one who is very efficient in doing surface piercings. Prior to getting done the piercing, check the instruments which will be used by the piercer. Ensure that the instruments are properly sterilized in order to avoid any kind of anti eyebrow piercing infection during the healing.

When you are fully satisfied with the piercing studio as well as the body piercer, you will be asked to sign some documents. Then after, the site the skin under eyes and also around the cheekbones will be cleaned using a disinfectant or an alcohol swab. Later, piercer marks the area which has to be pierced. Then the piercer clamps the piercing area with the fingers. Now, slowly the piercer inserts needle into the skin. After making a hole, the body piercer cleans the blood which comes out from the hole while piercing. Usually, anti eyebrow piercing is a minimal one, however, it is based on the way it is done. The body piercer inserts the anti eyebrow piecing jewelry after cleaning the blood. A curved barbell or a surface barbell is the jewelry commonly used for this piercing. The blood may be oozing for a few minutes and thus, it is must to hold a gauze on the piercing till the bleeding stops completely.

Healing and Aftercare for Anti Eyebrow Piercing:

Like other eye piercings, anti eyebrow piercings also take about 6 – 8 weeks for healing fully. In this period, it is very crucial for following the instructions given by the body piercer. You must clean the piercing everyday with a saline solution. Make a solution with sea salt and warm water and use it for cleaning the piercing. You must follow this remedy twice a day at least. You must also expose the eyebrow piercing to the hot compress because it prevents the occurrence of infection on the pierced region. One must also avoid moving or touching the piercing with your hand as it causes scars on the anti eyebrow piercing. It is must to consult a piercer or a doctor immediately if you experience any kind of infection or pain near the pierced area.

I think the above furnished

anti eyebrow piercing information

clears all the doubts of this piercing. Although, this piercing is a long lasting one, there may be chances of rejection, if aftercare is not taken. Hence, if you are planning for getting an anti eyebrow piercing, it is a big responsibility and appropriate care must be taken before flaunting it to your friends.

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