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Lip Piercing Healing

People think that getting a lip piercing is a difficult task. But its not. The thing is getting into something that you don’t know is a scary thing. So you know what exactly lip piercing entails. You are aware of the degree of pain that you experience and what all you go through during this process. But, if you are still unaware of about the healing process and what you have to do after getting the piercing done. It is always best to know about what exactly lip piercing healing involves such that you get a lip piercing done. Hence, if you want to know the healing process of lip piercing, it could be perfect for you to go through the below lines that explain about

lip piercing healing


Lip Piercing Healing

Healing Stages of Lip Piercing:

There are some stages for the

lip piercing healing

process. Go through the below lines to know in detail about the healing process of lip piercing:

Stage 1:

On an average, the healing time for lip piercing is about 4 – 6 weeks (it may be more or less for some people) which makes it one of the fastest healing piercings. It is so because the mouth generates saliva, which itself has anti bacterial properties. You must remember that lip piercing is a wound in the body and hence, proper healing time is required.

What should you expect in Stage 1?

  • There can be tenderness, redness and swelling of the skin around the lip piercing.
  • You may also observe bleeding.
  • You may also experience itching as well as bruising round the piercing area.
  • You can also notice whitish or yellowish fluid (lymph discharge) around the piercing.
  • Almost after 10 days, you will notice the formation of lip piercing scar around the piercing hole.

Stage 2:

The entire process of healing takes about 4 – 10 weeks. The stage two healing process can begin any time after two weeks from getting the piercing done. In this stage of healing, you will find more change in the healing process. This is so because the first stage of

lip piercing healing

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gives way to the more concrete way of healing.

What should you expect in Stage 2?

  • The first stage symptoms of lip piercing healing will disappear. The swelling, redness, itching and other symptoms which are present when the piercing is done will vanish.
  • The major change in second stage is the formation of scab around the wound.
  • Hence, many tissue layers will be added by the body for making the piercing hole a permanent one.
  • For piercing to become permanent, (that is the hole doesn’t close even after removing is jewelry) it takes about 3 years. Hence removing the jewelry for long periods may result in closing of the hole and must be avoided.

General Care for Lip Piercing Healing:

Although the healing process of lip piercing is fastest compared to other body piercings, you must follow some precautions which must be taken so as to avoid onset of infections and proper care for lip piercing can be carried out.

  • Immediately after getting done the piercing and for 3 hours after, do not smoke, consume alcohol or eat anything.
  • You must also avoid smoking, alcohol and substance abuse before getting the piercing done.
  • Never touch the piecing without washing the hands. Use an antibacterial hand wash to wash your hands. This reduces the chances of getting infections.
  • Ensure that you always keep your mouth clean by maintaining high hygiene levels. Brush two times a day with a soft bristled toothbrush.
  • Try to suck anti inflammatory or antibacterial lozenges to prevent the onset of lip piercing infection.
  • Do salt water rinses every day to avoid infections. It also gives relief from swelling.
  • Suck on crushed ice and drink iced water to get relief.
  • Never share cups, plates or other utensils with others.
  • Try to consume zinc and vitamin B tablets to speed up the healing process.
  • Avoid introducing a foreign object into the mouth because it can result in infections.
  • Do not go for swimming for two weeks when the wound is raw.
  • Try to practice safe oral sex. It safe oral sex is not practiced, it can lead to STDs because it is an open wound.
  • Ensure that you dry the area around the lip piercing using paper towels instead of cloth. Cloth towels may increase the chance of catching an infection.
  • Never remove the piercing jewelry before consulting the body piercer as removing the jewelry before it completely heals may result in closing of the hole.
  • Take plenty of rest and have well balanced diet to help in accelerating the healing process.

If you take proper precautions and care,

lip piercing healing

will not be a frightening task. Follow the simple tips and general tips discussed in the above lines to get relief. Then flaunt it around as it was meant to be done!

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