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Monroe Piercing Cost

Monroe piercing is noting but a lip piercing which is placed just above the upper lip as a beauty mark. If the piercing is done on the right side of the face, it is known as Madonna piercing, named after the famous singer who has a birth mark on right side. If the piercing is on the left side, it sis known as Monroe piercing, named after the famous actress who had a beauty mark on left side. If you are planning for a Monroe piercing and searching for

Monroe piercing cost

, this article gives you information about the cost.

Monroe Piercing Cost

Monroe Piercing Cost:

The average cost of Monroe piercing is somewhere between $25 – $80. If you get your piercing done along with a proper kit, that contains silver jewelry and cleaning equipment, the entire process may cost $ 90 approximately.

If your aim is to get it done at a lower price, you can get it done at $20. But for this low cost, you must look for hygiene and proper sterilization methods because at low cost these factors are ignored sometimes.

Monroe Piercing Tips:

Before getting the Monroe piercing done, you must remember the following factors:

  • Be sure that you want the piercing done. Never try for something if you are not thoroughly convinced.
  • You must also research about the parlor which you opted for piercing. Don’t compromise for sterilization and hygiene factors for extra bucks.
  • Do not just fix to a particular parlor, check out 2 – 3 parlors for price. In this way, you will be absolutely sure that you are getting it done at an appropriate price.
  • If any of your friends are having Monroe, ask them the parlor where they have got it done. This always helps.
  • The severity of the pain experienced by a person depends on the pain threshold of a person. Some may not experience any pain, while it may hurt like hell for others.
  • Ensure that you follow the guidelines of your piercer. Never play with piercing jewelry or touch it. Do not remove the jewelry because the hole may close up as the healing time may differ from one person to another.
  • Sometimes, one may develop infections. In such case, consult the dermatologist if the swelling or pain does not subside.
  • You must change the piercing jewelry only after the piercing heals completely.

Monroe piercing cost

is not very extravagant. It can be easily afforded if little savings are done.

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