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Unique Face Piercings

Facial piercings may give a new look to your face. There are several facial piercings. In recent days, facial piercing has become a vogue among teenagers. Piercing can be done on any part of the face. Ears are the most common piercing area. Apart from ears, there are many areas which can be pierced, and there are some

unique face piercings

. This article focuses on the

unique piercings on face


Unique Face Piercings:

Following are the list of facial piercings that are not very common and hence they can be a shortcut to gain popularity. But you must search for the best piercing studio where these piercings are done. You must also take thorough care to prevent infections.

Vertical labret piercing:

This is done vertically through the lip. In vertical labret piercing, you can see both the ends of the stud. This piercing may damage the nerves in the lip and the gums. It may take a year to heal completely. You must use sterilized jewelry of 16 gauge.

Horizontal labret piercing:

A piercing which is done beneath the lower lip horizontally is known as horizontal labret piercing. Both the ends of stud are visible in this piercing. Horizontal lip piercing and horizontal labret piercing are not alike. Horizontal lip piercing may hurt the lips and gums. It is done through lip directly. Horizontal labret piercing is safe when compared to horizontal lip. Horizontal lip piercings take 6 months for healing, while horizontal labret piercings take 6 – 8 weeks to totally heal.


It refers to the two piercings done at a time on either side of lip. These piercings resemble insect bites. Snake bite piercing is a piercing which is done on both the sides of lower lip. This piercing may you a rebellious look. For the snake bite piercings, piercing rings are used. Viper bites is another piercing type which is done on same side of lip. They resemble the viper snake’s bite and are pierced on lower lip. Spider bites are same like the viper bites. The difference between viper bites and spider bites is that there is a space between the spider bites, whilst no space in viper bites. Rings are best for spider bite piercings and viper bite piercings.

Bridge piercing:

The piercing which is done on the top of nose, between the eyes is called bridge piercing. This is a pretty famous piercing amongst guys. This piercing is done on the surface and don’t hurt nasal bone. Bridge piercing is done through skin and is called “Earl Piercing”. It is named after Earl Van Aken who got done this piercing for the first time. Barbells are the most common piercing jewelry for this piercing.

Tongue piercing:

These days tongue piercing is gaining popularity. Generally, this piercing is placed in the mid of the tongue. Tongue piercing must be done by an expert piercer else it may cause serious infections. Barbells are the most common piercing jewelry used for tongue piercing.

Septum piercing:

Septum piercing is done through the septum between nostrils. This is also known as bull nose piercing because it looks like a ring in bull’s nose. This piercing is not safe because there are numerous nerves in nose that may get damaged and thus, this piercing very painful. This piercing takes about 8 weeks to heal fully. Barbells or captive bead rings are the most common piercing jewelry for bull nose piercing. The piercing jewelry must be of 16-gauge.

Uvula piercing:

This is not exactly a facial piercing because it is not on face. But this is sometimes considered an oral or a facial piercing. This piercing is done on uvula, which is an oral cavity near soft palate. Strangely, uvula piercing heals quickly compared to other piercings. Barbells and captive bead rings are the most common piercing jewelry.

Cheek Piercing:

Often this is done to fake a dimple. Cheek piercings may be done on 1 or both the cheeks. These take 6 – 8 weeks to heal.

Smiley piercing:

This is done inner side of the upper lip on the tissue just above the gums. It is called smiley piercing as it is seen only if you smile. It takes 6 – 8 weeks to heal. Do not try this piercing by yourself as it may damage a blood vessel or a nerve. Hence, it is best to get it done by a professional. Frowny piercing is another piercing which is done in the mouth. This is done on web which is connected to the lower lip. This is not visible like the uvula piercing.

Chin piercing:

This is done on the chin. This is not painful like other piercings. Healing time for chin piercing differs from one person to another. The most common jewelry for chin piercing is studs.


  • Facial piercings must always be done by an expert and only with a piercing needle.
  • Migration is the most common problem which you may face with face piercings. Migration refers to the act of rejecting the piercing. If piercing doesn’t suit your skin, it may either push in or out. It is better to remove the jewelry if migration occurs.
  • You must clean the piercing regularly using a mild anti-bacterial soap.
  • Consult the piercer if you are unable to remove the piercing.
  • Never change the piercing jewelry immediately after healing. You must retain the same jewelry for at least a couple of weeks.

These are some of the rare and

unique face piercings

. But these have become pretty famous among the teenagers and youngsters. However, they must be very careful and follow proper aftercare instructions to avoid future problems.

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