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Collarbone Piercing Information

Body art has taken a new form in terms of piercing and tattooing in last few decades. Nose piercings and ear piercings has become mainstream for youngsters. In search of new body piercing types, they came along piercing in belly button, nipple, eyebrow, lip and tongue. One among the new cool look trend is the

collar bone piercing

or briefly clavicle piercing. Being relegate as a difficult and painful piercing, you must take collarbone piercing seriously and must research on this before getting it pierced.

Collarbone Piercing


collar bone piercing

is a difficult and rare body piercing. It means that it is difficult to insert the needle in the skin which is neither convex nor concave. Hence, this process involves traversing along the skin flat instead of completely passing through the body portion from one end to other. Clavicle piercing must be done by a professional. Below lines give information on some important aspects of collarbone piercing which you would like to know.

Collarbone Piercing Preparation and Procedure:

Before piercing, the chest region must be sterilized and you must determine the piercing area. The body piercer marks the piercing area on either side of bone, mostly at the middle of collarbone. A suitable barbell or surface bar is selected based on the size of the collarbone. After deciding everything, piercer moves on to the piercing procedure.

As the name suggests, a needle is sewn in from one side of the collarbone, passes under it and comes out from other side. Hence, exit points of clavicle piercing lie on either sides of collarbone. Needle is gently pushed out and the jewelry is attached to the needle. Similarly, other clavicle is also pierced. You must make up your mind that the piercing jewelry must be strictly of bio-compatible type.

Collarbone Piercing Aftercare:

It is extremely painful. This is the deepest surface piercing. You must strictly follow the aftercare tips for clavicle piercing. In the initial days, you must not touch the piercing. You must clean the piercing area with saline solution. This fastens the healing time. Generally, it takes 6 or more weeks to heal totally.

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  1. This sounds like a sub-clavicle piercing, since it passes under the bone. If I am mistaken, this needs to be more clear in the description.

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