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Vertical Hood Piercing

Vertical hood piercing is the easiest and less painful, most stimulating and fastest healing female genital piercing, only if you have the correct anatomy for it. You must get the hood examined by the piercer to determine whether the horizontal or vertical hood piercing suits you or not. Follow piercer’s suggestions to obtain desired results and also the stimulation.

The piercing jewelry can be inserted into the tissue of hood above the clit. The jewelry can rest easily on the clit because the jewelry runs parallel to the natural contour of the shape of the woman it yields to the movements naturally with slight or no binding or twisting.

As the body becomes accustomed to the piercing, you will not find as stimulating as it did earlier. Removing the jewelry for a short period and reinserting it again, changing the jewelry or increasing the gauge size may help you in regaining the “new” feeling.


For vertical hood piercing, the recommended piercing jewelry is captive bead ring or 10,12 or 14 gauge curved barbell.

Healing Time:

Vertical hood piercing takes about 4 – 6 weeks to heal completely.

After care for Clitoral Hood Piercing:

Your piercing may get infected if proper care is not taken. Following are aftercare instructions that aid in preventing the occurrence of

vertical hood piercing


  • Do not touch the piercing with dirty hands. You must wash your hands with anti bacterial soap before and after touching the piercing.
  • It is always best to clean the piercing under the shower. Run clean water on the piercing and allow the piercing to saturate before you start washing it. This helps to soften and remove the dry crust formed around the jewelry. Clean the rest prior to washing using a wet cotton ball.
  • It is better to take showers rather than baths for about a couple of weeks. Do not sit in bath tub because it may introduce bacteria into the piercing. Also harsh soaps may cause infection or irritation to the genital area.
  • A soap product is not essential for many people because it may kill the healthy bacteria which live in the genital area. Wash the piercing with simple saline solution or sea salt solution twice a day and also after masturbation or sex. This helps in preventing the infection. Usage of a mild liquid antibacterial soap helps in cleansing the piercing region more thoroughly. Apply a tiny drop of antibacterial soap to the jewelry and piercing. Later, thoroughly rinse the piercing with clean water.
  • atenolol.

  • Do not rub the piercing. You must pat dry the piercing with a clean and dry paper towel. Never use towel or washcloth because they are the breeding grounds for bacteria.
  • You must clean the piercing area thoroughly at least once a day. Remember that this is done in the initial healing period only. The piercing may take more time to heal completely after the initial healing period is over.
  • Never use any creams, astringents or ointments on the new piercings.
  • Never allow the bodily fluids to come in contact with the new piercing for the initial few days when it is in healing process. This can include semen and also saliva. Hence, you are restricted from the sexual activity, but a dental guard or a condom can be used for any sexual contact. If not it may increase the risks of infection. This may include masturbation and/or the usage of sex toys.
  • Make sure that everything which touches the piercing must be clean. This can include the bedding, clothing and the hands as well. If you experience great discomfort or itching sensation, you may have an allergic reaction to the laundry detergent. You can switch to something that does not contain any bleaching agents and stain-removing agents.

This is all about

vertical hood piercing

. Enjoy the new piercing and take care of your piercing!

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