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Types of Female Genital Piercing

Genital piercing is a type of body piercing which is considered as a type of body modification. This involves piercing a genitalia part and subsequently inserting and placing a foreign object in the piercing till the wound completely heals. This forms a tunnel of the skin around the jewelry, hence creates an appropriate place to wear various types of jewelry. Any

type of female genital piercing

is an illegal thing in UK at all ages whilst it is illegal for girls under 18 years in United States. The laws vary in other countries.

Types of Female Genital Piercings:

Following are some of the female genital piercings:

Clitoris Piercing:

This is a piercing which is done through the clitoris. This is a rare piercing. Clitoris piercing is always confused with the most common clitoral hood piercing. In clitoral hood piercing, only the hood of clitoris is pierced. Based on the anatomy of the woman, it can be oriented either horizontally or vertically. Clitoris piercing like the male genital piercing that penetrate the glans penis, may be extremely stimulating. The piercee must have a large clitoris for making the piercing viable.


Barbells and captive bead rings are the most common jewelries for clitoris piercing.

Princess Albertina Piercing:

This is a type of genital piercing wherein the ring enters urethra and exits through the top of vagina. This is a relatively rare piercing because it is difficult to place and it is more susceptible for urinary tract infections. Princess Albertina piercing may be extremely sexually stimulating since the jewelry stimulates urethra’s nerves during masturbation or sexual activities. This is a brand new piercing and most piercers may not be able or willing to perform.


Captive bead rings are the most common piercing jewelry for Princess Albertina piercing.

Christina Piercing:

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This is also called Venus piercing. Christina piercing is situated where the outer labia meet and underside of pubic mood. Unless the piercee has an extremely sympathetic anatomy, this piercing is generally considered as surface piercings and also has higher rates of rejection. Because of the variation in anatomy, it may not be possible with every woman. The healing time for this piercing is about 3 – 4 months.


Circular barbell, surface bar and captive bead ring are the most common jewelry types for this piercing.

Inner Labia Piercing:

This is a simple and less painful piercing compared to outer labia piercing. Inner labia piercing are more popular because of its aesthetic value and physical stimulation as well. These piercings are quick healing and simple. It is easy to stretch the skin tissue of inner labia and thus the chances of rejection and migration are less. The estimated healing time for this piercing is about 4 – 6 weeks.


14 – 10 gauge captive rings are the recommended piercing jewelry for inner labia piercing.

Outer Labia Piercing:

This type of piercing is not suited for most women because it is done like a single or multiple piercings on either or both sides. Outer labia piercing may get rejected very often than the inner labia piercings. These can be easily aggravated by sweat and wearing tight clothes. One must wear proper clothing and must also practice diligent hygiene for preventing infection. During the process of healing, you must avoid deodorant sprays. Healing time for outer labia piercing may be around 8 – 12 weeks.


The recommended jewelry for outer labia piercing is 12 – 10 gauge captive bead rings.


This female genital piercing also needs right anatomy. This is a rare piercing type among general female population. The piercing jewelry is placed on the perineum from the bottom of vaginal opening. Most of the women don’t have an extra flap of the skin tissue here, but for women who have extra flap of skin tissue, jewelry is inserted here. It takes about 8 – 12 weeks to heal completely.


Curved barbell or 10 or 12 gauge captive bead rings are recommended for Fourchette piercing.

Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercing:

This is most popular piercing because of its attractiveness. The back drop of this piercing is that unless it is placed correctly and the anatomy must be suitable, else it doesn’t provide much stimulation to clitoris. The piercing must be placed appropriately such that the bead rests on top of clitoris when you are in a standing position. First you get the clitoris examined by the piercer and let him recommend whether it is suitable for you. If the horizontal clitoris piercing is done correctly, it offers stimulation to clitoris when pressure is applied on it. It takes about 6 – 8 weeks to heal completely.


12 or 14 gauge captive bead rings or circular barbells are the recommended jewelry for horizontal clitoris piercing.

Vertical clitoral hood piercing:

This is the quick healing, most stimulating, less painful and easiest female genital piercing, if one has correct anatomy. You must get it examined by the piercer to know whether it is suitable for you. Follow their suggestions to obtain desired results and most stimulation. In this piercing, jewelry is inserted into hood tissue above clitoris. The piercing jewelry rests easily on clit. The estimated healing time for vertical clitoris hood piercing is 4 – 6 weeks.


10, 12 or 14 gauge captive bead rings or curved barbells are the recommended piercing jewelry for this piercing.

Triangle Piercing:

This is one among various types of female genital piercing. This is an intriguingly and unique piercing. Unfortunately, this piercing does not suite every woman because of anatomy. The triangle piercing is done in such a way that the jewelry is inserted below the hood behind the clitoris. In this piercing, if the front of clitoris gets stimulated, the back will also get stimulated. This is an amazing piercing for those who meet the criteria. The piercer must have great skills and confidence. He should also determine whether triangle piercing suites you or not. It takes about 8 – 12 weeks to heal completely.


12 – 10 gauge captive bead rings or circular barbells are the best suited jewelry for triangle piercing.

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