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Ear Piercing Cost

Of all body piercing types, ear piercing is one of the most common types. More than a fashion statement, it is done as a religious and spiritual custom. Hence, unlike other types of piercing which are popular among the youngsters, piercing in external ear is noticed amongst people of all genders and all age groups. In some cultures, ear piercing is done in babies as they turn 1 month old. With that popularity, you may predict the variations in

ear piercing costs

. Read on to know more about ear piercing prices.

Ear Piercing Costs

Types of Ear Piercing:

Even though, earlobe is the most common area for piercing, other parts of external ear may also be pierced for self expression or aesthetic purpose. Piercings that are done on the upper parts of ear are collectively referred to as cartilage piercing. However, based on the specific site of piercing, there are different types of ear piercings. Following are some of them:

  • Ear lobe piercing:

    This is the most common ear piercing type, which is performed at the centre of earlobe.

  • Helix piercing:

    This is another most popular type of ear piercing. This is done in the upper part of cartilage.

  • Conch piercing:

    Conch piercing is done in ear cartilage. Outer conch and inner conch piercings are the most preferred types.

  • Industrial piercing:

    In this type of piercing, two holes are made in the cartilage and are connected by a single jewelry.

  • Dermal punch piercing:

    This is usually done in earlobe. In dermal punch piercing, a large gauge jewelry is inserted into the piercing.

  • Daith piercing:

    In this type, cartilage that is adjacent to ear canal is pierced.

  • Anti tragus piercing:

    This is done above the earlobe and opposite to the tragus.

  • Tragus piercing:

    This is a painful piercing and is done on the cartilage flap.

  • Transverse lobe piercing:

    This is also called horizontal lobe piercing and is pierced across the earlobe.

Ear Piercing Prices:


ear piercing costs

may significantly differ based on some factors. One among them is the total number of ear piercings that you are planning to get at once. For instance, some teenagers may plan to get 15 piercings in a ear, that are adorned with beautiful and exclusive accessories. In such cases, the price of ear piercing will definitely be high. Read on the below lines to get more information on

ear piercing costs

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Place or location of piercing:

Generally nose and ear piercings are charged less compared to other piercing types. However, it varies based on the location where you are planning to get it done. If there are less number of professional piercers in your area, they may charge higher amounts and vice versa. Also cost of ear piercing is more in metros and cities.

Popularity of studio:

The popularity of the piercers and more significantly, the studio is the main factor for estimating the prices of ear piercing. A well known piercer with many clients will obviously charge high compared to a novice piercer. Never ignore the risks associated with the piercings when you are searching for the piercer who charges reasonably.

Technique used for Ear Piercing:

Also ear piercing prices depend on the technique employed for piercing procedure. Piercing done by using particular equipment such as an ear piercing gun may cost more than the regular technique. If you opt for a traditional piercing method that is piercing with a sterilized needle will cost less compared to others.

Jewelry for Ear Piercing:

Apart from actual ear piercing price charged by the body piercer, jewelry or ear ring is another major aspect which influences the cost of ear piercing. If you chose for a titanium and/or gold accessories, the price will be higher compared to stainless steel jewelry. Ensure that you avoid jewelry materials which cause allergic reactions.

Any piercing type is an invasive process that is associated with some complications. Some of the complications may include delay in healing, necrosis, nerve damage, infections and excessive bleeding. Hence, avoid piercing salons that charge less for piercing the ear. After all, safety is the major concern. In fact, you must search for an expert piercer firstly. This alone helps in quick recovering and you can flaunt your new earring.

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