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Skin Diver Piercing Aftercare

Skin divers are the latest modifications in piercing using a simple technique to apply. These help you to intricate new designs which were not possible earlier with piercings. They can are very beautiful and can be decorated easily. This article focuses on the

skin diver piercing aftercare


Skin Diver Piercing Aftercare

Skin Diver Piercing Aftercare:

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The major step in giving the piercing the best healing scenario is with pressure. You must put pressure on the jewelry for the initial 48 – 72 hours. This allows the body to anchor the piece into the original position. You must put a dressing over the wound and it must be very tight, make sure that it’s straight else it may let the piercing go crooked.

Salt water soaks are best for cleaning the piercing. To prepare salt water solution, take a cup of water and add a tablespoon of salt to it. Soak the piercing for 2 – 5 minutes and repeat the procedure for twice or thrice in a day for 2 – 3 weeks. You must keep the skin diver safe and free from irritants and stress. Also it must be in a clean and dry environment for proper healing. This type of piercing heals in a short span of time. Flat disc is another piercing jewelry which helps in proper healing of the wound.

After cleaning the skin diver, take a small piece of tissue and cover the piercing for a couple of days.

How to Remove Skin Divers?

To remove the skin diver, you must go back to the piercing shop. Like other piercings, this will also leave a small hole in the place. If you try to remove the piercing by yourself, it may leave some scarring. You can massage the area to remove the diver very easily, but must be done quickly so that hole does not close. You are not advised to change the jewelry very often.

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