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Navel Piercing Rejection

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  1. What is my navel ring site is swollen and blistered? I had it pierced 5/21/11 a week later, I went back and the guy that did the piercing, had to put a slightly longer one in. It has been touch & go since then, however, it was beginning to heal until this past Wednesday 7/13 – I work out a lot and had an intense ‘belly buster’ class at the gym; today, Sunday 7/18 the entire area is swollen and blistered and my ‘barbell’ has barely any play in it. I’ve been cleaning with Bentadine and Bactine. Should I put Bacitracin ointment on it? I can’t take it out. What should I do? Should I see my Dr.? Please help! :( Thanks! Rebecca

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