Types of Body Piercings

Some body piercings offer pleasure and some others are simply made for self identity. A�Here are the common forms of body piercings that are common among youngsters.

Ear Piercings

This is one of the most common forms of body piercing and is sported by children, women and men from all parts of the world. The usual form of this piercing is the ear lobe piercing. However, teenagers of today sport piercings all over the ear as a fashion statement. The most common types of ear piercingsare helix, rook, conch and cartilage. Gays sport an ear piercing on their right ear to indicate that they belong to this particular group. The ear piercing can look attractive with earrings made of metal, gold and precious stones. The healing time for this piercing is less than a week as this is the simplest form of ear piercing.

Face Piercings and Tongue Piercings

These piercings are a little complicated and needs to be done by a piercer with experience in order to avoid infections. Tongue piercingis usually done on the tongue tip. It requires lot of care and attention after the procedure, as there are chances for the infection to spread to the gums and teeth. It may cause difficulty while eating, talking and chewing food. It may take around 6 to 8 weeks for the piercing to heal completely. Other face piercings include lower lip and eyebrow piercings.

buy strattera online cod. Purim costume sale Nose Piercings

This piercing is similar to that of an ear piercing and is sported by men and women. Many of them sport this piercing on either side of the nostrils. This piercing gained popularity in the western countries since 1960a�?s and 1970a�?s. Nasal septum piercing is the common form of nose piercings and this can lead to several health complications.

Nipple Piercing

Many teenagers opt for this kind of piercing in order to look attractive and to increase sensation. They sport different kinds of jewelry like metal rings and studs. Its procedure can cause lots of pain and may cause inconvenience for women during breast feeding. It may take around 6 to 7 months for the piercing to heal completely.

Navel Piercing

It is also known as belly button piercing and is the second common form of body piercing after the ear piercing. It may take around 6 months for it to heal and is the difficult form of body piercing. It may cause lot of pain and discomfort and requires to be cleaned at least twice in day with the help of antibiotic soaps and ointment in order to avoid infections.