Types of Piercing Needles

Piercing needles show some differences depending on the location of the piercings. Sewing needles and piercings guns are used for unprofessional piercings without even realizing the danger of the performing. These kinds of needles can cause trauma on the area as well as they can cause bacteria and some diseases to be transmitted. In this article, we talk about different types of piercing needles.

Hollow Needles

This is the most used type of the needles. It comes in a triangular shape and three different gauges such as small, large and any size from 1 or 1½ inches to 3. These needles are cut with laser in order to ensure sharpness. Jewelry is in the same size with the needles and it follows the needle through the piercing hole. Larger gauges are not suggested due to the possibility of causing bleeding.

Cannula Needles

These are also called as catheter that is encased in a plastic tubing. These needles make the piercing hole as the other needles do. But, the plastic material remains in the hole. Piercers use a pair of sterilized scissors after removing the needle.

Curved Needles

These are not often used to perform the procedure. Curved needles are used for ear piercings. These curved needles stop the needle from puncturing opposite side of the ears while the process is performed.

Dermal Punch

Dermal punches are round shaped medical devices that are used by dermatologists. Two and zero gauge are large size piercings and they are performed with these kinds of devices. During the procedure, bleeding is normal. And, these needles have to be used by professional piercers who have background in anatomy. These devices are considered as medical tools and piercers are not allowed to use these needles legally.

These are the different types of the piercing needles. You need to pay a lot of attention to every single detail while you are having a piercing. And, needles are just one of these details.