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Anti Eyebrow Piercing Information

Although body piercings have been a part of several countries since many centuries. However, eyebrow piercings something which are completely new. Although this piercing type […]

Industrial Piercing Infection

The most usual industrial piercing is done in ear cartilage, where two holes which are made in the upper ear part are connected by a […]

Clitoral Piercing Aftercare

Clitoral piercing is one of the most famous female genital piercing. Placement of the piercing and sizing of jewelry are the most important things for […]

Forward Helix Piercing

Body piercing activity is as old as a civilization. It was in civilizations for the purpose of religion. In subcontinent like India, ear lobe of […]

Bump on Cartilage Piercing

Usually bumps on cartilage piercing are formed during the healing process. Many people observed bumps on cartilage piercing during the healing process, even after it […]

Nipple Piercing Aftercare

Though a nipple piercing is thought of as an erotic, aesthetic or artistic form of expression, it is a wound. It can be infected easily […]

Nose Piercing Bump Treatments

Most people complain about the bumps on their nose piercings. Usually, thorough care keeps these bumps from developing. Identifying the bump and treating it reduces […]

Ear Piercing Types

Body piercings have always been the smartest and coolest experiments for looking good and also to look a bit funky. You must have observed many […]

Belly Button Piercing Infection

Youngsters sport different kinds and varieties of jewelry to flaunt their belly button piercing. Belly button is usually considered as the most sensuous part of […]

Lip Piercing Healing Process

Many teenagers find lip piercing as the most difficult form of body piercing. The degree of pain depends on the procedure followed and it may […]

Dahlia Piercing Information

Body piercing has a great craze amongst youngsters due to many reasons like oomph and creativity factor that makes the person sporting it to stand […]

How to Remove a Nose Screw

A jewelry used for a nose piercing is called a nose screw. It is named after the shape of a corkscrew shape. If you have […]

How to Put in a Corkscrew Nose Ring

A corkscrew nose ring is more tricky and complicated to insert and to take out when compared to other different kinds of nose rings. Unlike […]

How to Sterilize a Tongue Ring

Though we know that it is very important to sterilize a tongue jewelry, many people fail to realize the importance of sterilizing and cleaning a […]

How to Repair a Stretched Earlobe

Your earlobe piercings can be stretched unintentionally or intentionally. Some people find their earlobes stretched after wearing heavy and large earrings for years. While, some […]