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Skin Diver Piercing Aftercare

Skin divers are the latest modifications in piercing using a simple technique to apply. These help you to intricate new designs which were not possible […]

Ear Piercing Cost

Of all body piercing types, ear piercing is one of the most common types. More than a fashion statement, it is done as a religious […]

Collarbone Piercing Information

Body art has taken a new form in terms of piercing and tattooing in last few decades. Nose piercings and ear piercings has become mainstream […]

Unique Face Piercings

Facial piercings may give a new look to your face. There are several facial piercings. In recent days, facial piercing has become a vogue among […]

Monroe Piercing Cost

Monroe piercing is noting but a lip piercing which is placed just above the upper lip as a beauty mark. If the piercing is done […]

Nipple Piercing Infection

Nipple piercing is one among the most popular piercings in both men and women. Generally the piercing consists of a ring or a horizontal barbell […]

Lip Piercing Healing

People think that getting a lip piercing is a difficult task. But its not. The thing is getting into something that you don’t know is […]

Anti Eyebrow Piercing Information

Although body piercings have been a part of several countries since many centuries. However, eyebrow piercings something which are completely new. Although this piercing type […]

How to Put in a Corkscrew Nose Ring

A corkscrew nose ring is more tricky and complicated to insert and to take out when compared to other different kinds of nose rings. Unlike […]

How to Sterilize a Tongue Ring

Though we know that it is very important to sterilize a tongue jewelry, many people fail to realize the importance of sterilizing and cleaning a […]

How to Repair a Stretched Earlobe

Your earlobe piercings can be stretched unintentionally or intentionally. Some people find their earlobes stretched after wearing heavy and large earrings for years. While, some […]

Medusa Piercing Care

Today, most of the stylish and fashionable people are seen sporting Medusa piercing. Medusa piercing is placed on the center of the upper lip, which […]

All About Industrial Piercing Infection

A typical industrial piercing usually done on the cartilage of the ear, wherein two holes are connected or attached by a single barbell. When compared […]

How to Take Care of Snug Piercing

The snug is the center area of the outer rim on the inner ear cartilage, just above the anti-tragus, and the piercing done in this […]

Industrial Piercing Healing Stages

Like any other type of piercing, you need to go through various stages during the healing period. However, the healing stages of the industrial piercing […]