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Ear Piercing Cost

Of all body piercing types, ear piercing is one of the most common types. More than a fashion statement, it is done as a religious […]

Surface Piercing Information

Surface piercing is a piercing that is different from normal piercings which are done on nose and ears. Usually, piercing is done by inserting needle […]

Types of Female Genital Piercing

Genital piercing is a type of body piercing which is considered as a type of body modification. This involves piercing a genitalia part and subsequently […]

Types of Male Genital Piercings

If you are male and planning to get a genital piercing, you might be shocked to learn that there are several options than the infamous […]

Vertical Hood Piercing

Vertical hood piercing is the easiest and less painful, most stimulating and fastest healing female genital piercing, only if you have the correct anatomy for […]

Anti Eyebrow Piercing Information

Although body piercings have been a part of several countries since many centuries. However, eyebrow piercings something which are completely new. Although this piercing type […]

Industrial Piercing Infection

The most usual industrial piercing is done in ear cartilage, where two holes which are made in the upper ear part are connected by a […]

Forward Helix Piercing

Body piercing activity is as old as a civilization. It was in civilizations for the purpose of religion. In subcontinent like India, ear lobe of […]

Unique Piercings Ideas

If you are planning of getting a nice body piercing done, but you don’t want something which is just an ordinary normal piercing, then this […]

Surface Piercings: Types of Surface Piercings

Surface piercing is a unique way of body piercing, which involves a different way of piercing from the normal piercings. A surface piercing is one […]

What is a Double Tragus Piercing?

A tragus is the projection in front of the ear canal, and is present a little bit above the ear lobe. Tragus piercing passes through […]

What is Microdermal Hip Piercing?

Microdermal hip piercings are done using a dermal punch and are positioned just above the pelvic bone. Hip piercings are contemporary and are considered bold […]

What is a Transverse Lobe Piercing?

A transverse lobe piercing is a piercing through the ear lobe, in a horizontal plane. It runs horizontally to the ear. This piercing requires a […]