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Prior Tips To Consider Before Getting Body Pierced Prior Tips To Consider Before Getting Body Pierced
Lip Piercing Healing Process

Many teenagers find lip piercing as the most difficult form of body piercing. The degree of pain depends on the procedure followed and it may […]

Dahlia Piercing Information

Body piercing has a great craze amongst youngsters due to many reasons like oomph and creativity factor that makes the person sporting it to stand […]

How to Remove a Nose Screw

A jewelry used for a nose piercing is called a nose screw. It is named after the shape of a corkscrew shape. If you have […]

How to Put in a Corkscrew Nose Ring

A corkscrew nose ring is more tricky and complicated to insert and to take out when compared to other different kinds of nose rings. Unlike […]

How to Sterilize a Tongue Ring

Though we know that it is very important to sterilize a tongue jewelry, many people fail to realize the importance of sterilizing and cleaning a […]

How to Repair a Stretched Earlobe

Your earlobe piercings can be stretched unintentionally or intentionally. Some people find their earlobes stretched after wearing heavy and large earrings for years. While, some […]

Medusa Piercing Care

Today, most of the stylish and fashionable people are seen sporting Medusa piercing. Medusa piercing is placed on the center of the upper lip, which […]

Ear Piercing Retainers: Types of Ear Piercing Retainers

The most common choice of body piercing is the ear piercing, and concealing it can be a great deal if you have to go for […]

Snake Bite Piercing Aftercare

Snake bite piercings consist of two separate piercings on one side or both sides of the bottom lip and they are usually performed at the […]

All About Industrial Piercing Infection

A typical industrial piercing usually done on the cartilage of the ear, wherein two holes are connected or attached by a single barbell. When compared […]

How to Clean a Tongue Ring

If you got your tongue piercing done, cleaning the piercing, brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth may not be enough for preventing the infections […]

How to Take Care of Snug Piercing

The snug is the center area of the outer rim on the inner ear cartilage, just above the anti-tragus, and the piercing done in this […]

Industrial Piercing Healing Stages

Like any other type of piercing, you need to go through various stages during the healing period. However, the healing stages of the industrial piercing […]

Industrial Piercing Aftercare Tips

Though most industrial piercings are a two helix piercings connected by a straight bar, it can be also done vertically and through other piercings like […]