Navel Piercing Aftercare

Gals, ita��s a fantastic idea to go for naval piercing. It makes you more sexy, attractive and different. But to make all these adjectives come true, sincerely follow the basic aftercare tips of naval piercing and enjoy new piercing.With diligent aftercare, your navel usually heals with few problems; with improper aftercare an infection is practically and surely guaranteed. So here the after care tips for navel piercing to stay free from navle piercing risks.

  • Clean your piercing twice a day. Do not cleanse your piercing more often than required, as this can cause irritation and possibly prolong your healing.
  • Always use anti-bacterial soap and lukewarm water for cleaning and use antibiotic ointment after cleaning.
  • Dona��t forget to use saline solutions twice a day and never forget to ask your piercer about its application.
  • Rinse your piercing with fresh water and dry thoroughly with a clean tissue afterwards. (towels can retain bacteria and should not be used on new or fresh piercing)
  • First sock the crust formed on it and clean it carefully. If ita��s not removed properly bacteria can feed on it and infect the wound.
  • Dona��t turn the ring in the piercing for the first 3-4 weeks, move it very gently and only enough to remove the crusting, after that you can turn it enough for cleaning. Moving the ring constantly aggravates the wound and delays healing.
  • Do use Lavender oil as it promotes healing and lubricates the wound reducing tenderness. Apply a small amount with a cotton-wool bud after cleaning, and then move the jewellery gently so it can get into the wound.
  • Do make sure that you wash the piercing carefully after exercising or sweating a lot, as sweat acts like an acid and can cause the wound to become aggravated.
  • Do give the piercing some sunshine as it helps the body produce Vitamin D which helps promote healing. It also helps dry the wound and minimize infections.
  • Dona��t use Methylated Spirits, alcohol, Hydrogen peroxid Betadine and any creams.Always follow the medication as told by your piercer.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes and synthetic fabrics. Try to wear loose cotton clothes till the wound is healed.
  • Dona��t hang chains or charms of your navel ring until the piercing is fully healed. They can get caught and tear the wound and hamper the healing process.

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  • Avoid sleeping on your piercing.
  • If you are exposed to a dirty environment, clean it immediately.
  • Activities that may cause any sort of stress to the pierced area should be avoided.
  • Dona��t remove or replace the jewellery during the healing period, as the hole closes up very quickly and ita��s painful to reinsert the jewellery once this happens.
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If it becomes necessary for you to remove the piercing, then the best thing to do is to go to your piercer to have it taken out.