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Anti Tragus Piercing Aftercare

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Nipple Piercing Infection

Nipple piercing is one among the most popular piercings in both men and women. Generally the piercing consists of a ring or a horizontal barbell […]

Aftercare for Rook Piercing

Ear piercing as considered as the oldest and the most common type of piecing. However, earlier ear piercing was limited to ear lobe piercing that […]

How to Reduce Lip Swelling Caused by Piercing?

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Lip Piercing Healing

People think that getting a lip piercing is a difficult task. But its not. The thing is getting into something that you don’t know is […]

Anti Eyebrow Piercing Information

Although body piercings have been a part of several countries since many centuries. However, eyebrow piercings something which are completely new. Although this piercing type […]

Industrial Piercing Infection

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Clitoral Piercing Aftercare

Clitoral piercing is one of the most famous female genital piercing. Placement of the piercing and sizing of jewelry are the most important things for […]

Forward Helix Piercing

Body piercing activity is as old as a civilization. It was in civilizations for the purpose of religion. In subcontinent like India, ear lobe of […]

Bump on Cartilage Piercing

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Nipple Piercing Aftercare


Nose Piercing Bump Treatments

Most people complain about the bumps on their nose piercings. Usually, thorough care keeps these bumps from developing. Identifying the bump and treating it reduces […]

Ear Piercing Types

Body piercings have always been the smartest and coolest experiments for looking good and also to look a bit funky. You must have observed many […]

Belly Button Piercing Infection

Youngsters sport different kinds and varieties of jewelry to flaunt their belly button piercing. Belly button is usually considered as the most sensuous part of […]

Lip Piercing Healing Process

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